Fix : Skype has stopped working in Windows 10

Skype Not Working on Windows 10 [Fixed]

The trend of Skype is gradually rising. The smart app allows you to make video and voice chatting suitably. However, most of you might have faced the inconvenience of Skype on Windows 10. If the Skype is not working on Windows 10” ? then there’s some issue with the Skype App or the settings of the Operating System

Some of you might have tried several times to fix the difficulty. But the symptoms remain the same. Well, the maximum numbers of folk faced the same matter, but it can be solved easily following some simple steps. If you are eager to know, read ahead.

Solve Skype not connecting Calls [Voice call +Video Call]

Fix Skype not working on Windows 10

Here I’m going to show you the reasons for the Skype issue & how to repair the problems.

The most fundamental problem that you can meet with Skype on Windows 10 is the voice call and video call not connecting issues. You might find that all the settings are perfect. You can discover that the status is available as well. The camera and microphone are also working finely; still, you are unable to make any call.

 On the other hand, in some cases, you might even face the problem of not able to receive any call. If you ever come across this situation, check out the below-mentioned guides and change the settings according to it.

Skype permissions Windows 10

Skype permissions Windows 10

Skype Microphone Not Working

Find out the permission allowance of the microphone

The main reason behind the inability of the Skype app can be the wrong settings of the microphone application. Therefore, make sure to find out if the settings of the application are done in the correct way. For that, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Select ‘Settings’ option from the start menu
open windows 10 settings

Navigate the microphone application then set “let apps use microphone” to on

Open microphone settings
Let apps use my microphone

Then go to the app permissions list and ensure to check out whether the status of the microphone is ‘on’

Fix skype microphone issue

Fixing the camera issue with Skype on Windows 10

Skype camera not working- Fix

The next problem that the users face with the application on the Windows 10 operating system after voice and video calls are the camera issues. Well, this problem has some solutions as well, but you need to follow a few straightforward steps. To know all these tricky steps, continue reading.

Check out the configuration of the webcam

Unless the configuration of the webcam is correctly done, the problem regarding the camera of the application is obvious to face. For troubleshooting, the camera issue, select the Skype app, and locate the ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Options’ and proceed with the additional settings.

After that, navigate the Video settings and find out the webcam figuration. If the settings state that the app could not navigate a webcam, then, get aware that the webcam is not configured in your operating system. Owing to that, the app could not recognize the camera.

  1. If you face this circumstance, you can fix it easily by reconfiguring your webcam. For that, you would first need to open the software of webcam. Then, you need to switch the camera on. Thereafter, make sure to restart the application of Skype.
  2. Upon undertaking that, select the ‘Tools’ again and click on the ‘Options’ menu. Then, doing the above-mentioned steps, recheck the webcam configuration. When the camera configuration is correctly done, you can see yourself on the webcam.
  3. If your image is visible, then the camera is working fine. But, if it appears dark and unclear, you need to fix the webcam settings.
  4. Upon your selection on the webcam settings, you will get to find several options. Among all, locate the tab that reads ‘Camera Control.’ You will find it on the ‘Video Capture Filter Properties.’
  5. There, you can opt for the option called Low Light Compensation and adjust the video quality. When you are done with the settings, confirm the changes by pressing OK.

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Update the webcam

Update Webcam Windows 10

Regardless to mention, due to the old webcam version, the camera can be unable to work on Skype. Therefore, make sure that the webcam drivers are updated in the latest version. If your webcam is not updated in Windows 10, renew it following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: At first, you need to press the Win key + X, and after that, choose the Device Manager. You can find it on the menu

Open device manager

Step 2: Then, you would need to select the ‘Imaging devices.’ When you open it, you will find an option called webcam in the list

Webcam- update driver software

Step 3: After that, put the mouse pointer on the webcam option and right-click on it. Upon clicking, you will come across the option of updating the driver software. choose “Search Automatically for updated Driver Software” By selecting it, you can easily update your webcam drivers.

Choose “Search Automatically for updated Driver Software”

If the update driver method didn’t work try below steps

  • Do the same steps above until step 2, after that right-click on the webcam and select uninstall and press OK
    Note: Don’t select delete “uncheck the option of delete if asked”
    uninstall camera driver - windows 10
  • Now click on ‘action‘ and select “Scan for Hardware changes
    After doing the above step the Webcam option will come back if it didn’t restart the PC

Along with it, check whether any software incorporates the webcam in the background. If it happens, the webcam can halt working in Skype. You can avail of the Task Manager from the taskbar to check it out. If you find such action, close it by clicking on the End task options and restart the app again.    

Registry Edit Method to Fix “Skype Camera not Working Error”

So in this quick tutorial, I will show you how to solve these Camera errors on skype. Follow the instructions carefully!

Time needed: 1 minute.

By using this Registry Edit method you can resolve the webcam issues you might be having in your Windows 10. Many of the users experiencing issues accessing the webcam through Skype, Discord or any other recording software after upgrading to Windows 10 build. this guide is for them.

  1. Open Run

    Head over to start menu on your Windows 10 then right-click on it and select the run option or you can simply press Windows button+R it will open the same open run -windows 10

  2. Type the command to open Registry edit

    Now on the Run Dialogue box type “Regedit” then press ok/Enter. you will see a user account control pop-up click on Yes there open registry editor Windows 10

  3. Open these Folders

    On the next window left-click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then select SOFTWARE now scroll down to WOW6432Node and then left-click on the Microsoft folder there will be a folder named Windows Media Foundations click on it and finally left-click on the Platform Folder.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundations\Platform Open registry editer folders

  4. Add New Value

    Double click on New Value #1 and type EnableFrameServerMode *Without spaces and hit Enter Create new DWORD 32-bit Value

  5. Check value

    Next double click on EnableFrameServerMode check Value data box showing “0” if it is showing any other number set it back to “0Set DWORD 32-bit Value to 0

  6. Final Step

    Close the Registry Editor and Restart your computer

Voila! Problem solved! Check and start using Skype Video chat without any troubles

Allow Skype to access camera windows 10

Sometimes, the reason for the camera issue can be very simple. However, you think critically, leaving to find out the basic solution. If the permission concerning the camera access is disabled on Skype, it will not allow the camera to work smoothly.

To grant permission, begin from the start menu and select the ‘Settings.’ After that, click on the ‘Privacy’ option and open ‘Camera.’

On opening, you will find an option to enable access to the camera app. Opening it, make sure to keep Skype ‘On.’ After that, restart the application and move on to the Audio & Video to confirm the settings.  

Fix: Skype Camera not working

What to do if Skype doesn’t launch

  • Reset Skype App to Default Settings in Windows 10
  • Check Windows Defender Firewall settings
  • Uninstall and reinstall Skype

How To Reset Skype App to Default Settings in Windows 10

To fix the Skype not working error, you need to take on the next step of retuning or resetting the Skype app on your Windows 10 OS.

Step #1: To practice, you need to continue with the start menu. After that, search the settings option and click on it. On opening, select the ‘App’ option

Open Apps Settings Windows 10

Step #2: Now search for Skype. After choosing the application from the list, search for the option called ‘Advanced.’

Search Skype in Settings
Skype App - Advanced Options

Step #3: After that, click on the Reset option. When you select the ‘Reset’ option, the settings of the app will return to the factory settings.

Reset Skype

Check the settings of Windows Defender Firewall

Check Firewall Settings

Firewall Settings could be another reason for Skype is not working in your Windows 10 System.

Before checking out whether the issue with Skype has fixed yet, you can verify the settings of the Windows Defender firewall along with the steps mentioned above. Sometimes, by default, the permission of specific applications remains disabled. If the same situation occurs with Skype, the chances of it malfunctioning are high.

Therefore, find out whether Skype is allowed in the Windows Defender firewall. For finding out, you need to go to the settings. Then look for ‘Update & Security‘ and, after that select, the option labeled ‘Open Windows Defender Security Center.’ Upon selection, locate to ‘Firewall & network protection.’ When you open the option, you will find an option called ‘Allow an app through the firewall‘ to make sure to enable it.

Uninstall and reinstall Skype for Windows 10

Uninstall and Reinstall Skype

Hopefully, undertaking the above-mentioned steps will allow Skype to work back rightly on your system hassle-freely. Nevertheless, if still, you cannot make a voice call and video call on Skype or the app is not working on your Windows 10 OS, you can choose to reinstall the app in your operating system. At first, you need to select the main menu. Then move to the settings option and navigate the App menu. Locate the Skype, right-click on it, and uninstall the app.

After reinstalling the latest version of the app in your system availing of the Microsoft store, prefer rebooting your system before using the application. Things might get back to normal as usual. However, if still the application malfunctions, you can prefer switching to the desktop version of Skype for smooth and easy access.

However, do not forget to check out the permission grant of the application after installing it. All you need to do is visit the privacy option from the settings and enable the permission for the application of camera and microphone.

If you take on all these above-mentioned steps, you can easily continue using the app and enjoy free voice and video calling with your friends, family, and loved ones.

If you are facing any issues while doing the Skype troubleshooting, then comment below and we will quickly help you with solving the problem.


Is Skype built into Windows 10?

Microsoft has combined Skype into the windows operating system. In fact, the app now comes preinstalled into the latest version of Windows 10.

Why has Skype stopped working?

Skype might stop working due to two main reasons- 1) because of the disability of application permission and 2) owing to the presence of a corrupted file in the Skype application.

How do I enable Skype on Windows 10?

The latest Windows 10 has already a preinstalled Skype. To enable it on Windows 10, you need to first select the start menu and locate the Skype app and click on it.

How do I fix Skype crashing on Windows 10?

To fix the crashing, you need to fix two basic issues- the grant of the app permission from the privacy settings. Secondly, you can restart or re-install it.

How do you restart Skype?

For restarting the Skype application, you need to reset it. To undertake the reset action of the application, you need to first click on the start menu, then navigate the ‘Apps’ options and look for Skype. Select it and opt for the ‘Advanced option’. When you will open the option, you will find a button called ‘reset’. On selection, the settings of the application will return to its former or factory settings.

Skype is a useful app for connecting with people who stay far away from us. Thus, fixing it rightly is a necessary thing to do. If you take on all these above-mentioned steps, you can easily continue using thy Skype app and enjoy free voice and video calling with your friends, family and loved ones without any inconvenience.

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