Fix Rythm bot not working

Rythm Bot Not Working [Fix the Discord Music Bot]

Is your Discord Rythm Bot Not Working? Rythm bot Showing Down/Offline Status? Don’t worry. Follow the steps in this guide and you can fix it easily.

Rythm bot is an excellent addition for Discord users who like to listen to music while they play but don’t want to hinder their game performance by adding another task like a music player or a browser tab playing their music.

Just add this music bot to your Discord and enjoy music right from your Discord server.

But as with any other Discord addition, Rythm bot has its kinks too. Sometimes you see that the Rythm bot has left your voice channel, or sometimes it just won’t play your playlist, and this Discord bot keeps disconnecting.

But don’t worry, we will help you fix this issue of Discord Rythm bot not working.

How to Fix Rythm Bot Not Working[Down/Offline]?

For first time users:

If you have added Rythm bot to your server but can’t see it on your server list, then we suggest you go to Rythm Bot and add it again.

How to Add Rythm Bot to Discord

Before doing to the steps make sure that you have admin powers on the server, else this steps won’t work.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Follow the instructions carefully

  1. Visit Rythm bot website

    Select Add to DiscordHow to add Rythm bot to Discord

  2. Login if you’re not logged in

    Login to Discord to authorize Rythm botAuthorize rythm bot

  3. Add a bot to a Server

    Select the server which you’ve admin power is on, then click on autthorize/continueAdd a music bot to Discord Server

  4. Rythm music bot added to Discord

    Done! Now go to your server and you can see the
    Rythm bot on the sidebarrythm bot add

Note: Rythm bot is not a 24/7 bot, so it cannot play music non-stop for 24 hours.

And if you have been using Rythm bot but now it is not working, follow along as we solve most of the significant issues.

Rythm bot doesn’t play my playlist:

Rythm doesn’t support Youtube mix playlists, so if you were trying to add that to the bot, you’d see that the Rythm bot is not playing your playlist.

Any other artist made/custom playlist should work just fine.

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Rythm leaves voice channel:

Rythm bot is designed to be performance and power effective, and hence if you are not playing anything on your server, the Rythm bot status would be inactive and cause it to leave your voice channel.

Use the “!play <youtube link>” command to resume the music track again.

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Rythm is in my voice channel but isn’t playing any sound:

This is a problem faced by many Discord Rythm bot users.

Please follow along to see some possible fixes:

  • Make sure Rythm is not on mute in your channel or on your server.

Right-click on Rythm’s icon in your channel and ensure that the “mute” and “server mute” options are unticked, unlike the ones in the image.

  • Increase Rythm’s volume in your voice channel and ensure it isn’t on 0%.

If the volume is on 0% or very low, then even if Rythm is playing music, it wouldn’t be audible.

Ensure the volume is not like the image below

And if you cannot see this option, type the “!vol” command to see it manually on the bot.

  • Disconnect yourself from the voice channel and connect again:

If none of the above tips work and still rythm bot is not playing your music, we suggest that you disconnect from the voice channel and then reconnect to it and see if it solves your problem.

If it doesn’t, delete the voice channel and create a new one.

  • Update Discord:

If none of the above solutions help, try updating your Discord app and rebooting your PC.

  • Change the server:

Try adding Rythm bot to another server and see if it helps.

  • Reinstall Rythm Discord music bot

[BONUS] Rythm Discord Music Bot Commands

Rythm Discord Music Bot Commands
Rythm Discord Music Bot Commands

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Why is Rythm bot not working?

Rythm bot is a relatively new Discord bot and has a kink or two. But the folks at are constantly trying to remove such bugs. And sometimes your Discord settings cause the Rythm bot not to function. And we have discussed some of these problems above.

How do you activate the music bot on Discord?

Follow these steps:
Go to and click on the “Add to Discord” button.
Log in to your Discord account after you are redirected there.
After logging in, choose the server you want to add Rythm bot to (if you don’t have any server or want to add Rythm bot to a private server, go to your Discord from another browser tab or app and then create a server and refresh the Rythm bot page)
And et-viola Discord Rythm music bot has been added to your Discord.

Does Rythm bot work with SoundCloud?

Yes, the newest version of Rythm bot supports Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, and Mixer.
Just type the “!soundcloud” command, and the search for tracks will begin.
Note: you need to be logged in to SoundCloud (if you have SoundCloudGO+) in order to listen to original tracks.

Final Verdict

Rythm bot is one of the best music bots for Discord and their claim of “currently serving 10 million servers” is an excellent example. Discord users that are also avid music listeners love Rythm bot, and it is clearly evident.

We hope our guide on How To Fix Rythm Bot Not Working helped you, and if it did not, please reach out to them via their Discord server “Rythm Discord” or send a mail to [email protected]

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