Troubleshooting kenmore elite refrigerator ice maker not working

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Ice maker not working [Troubleshooting]

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Ice maker not working?

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In this post, I’m going to show you how to fix the problems of Kenmore Refrigerator Icemaker.

You’ll also see what are the common issues that cause the ice maker not to work.

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A freezer is an inherent part of every household to keep food items fresh for multiple days. From a general point-of-view, individuals continuously run the appliance from day to night to protect foodstuffs from damage. Infrequently, a fridge may showcase some malfunctions, which you’ve to repair as quickly as possible.

A small investigation is necessary to locate why your ice maker unit is not working accurately. With proper troubleshooting, you’ll able to improve the performance by eliminating the issue. Check out this article to grab an idea about particular problems and their solutions

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Causes: kenmore refrigerator ice maker not working
Kenmore Elite Refrigerator ice maker not working : Causes

Like any other machine, an ice maker of your refrigerator might breakdown sometimes. Due to various reasons, you could find out why your Kenmore elite refrigerator ice maker is not working. Go through this list to obtain the necessary details about specific complications.

    When Kenmore elite side by side refrigerator ice maker is not working, maybe the assembly unit is defective. An individual might know about using a thermostat device, which measures the temperature inside a fridge. Note that a freezer’s temp must set between a range of 0-5 degrees that ensures an accurate ice making cycle.
    Usually, many components are available inside a fridge’s control module that could fail at any time. Furthermore, a buyer may not find out this particular device separately in the market.
    Inside an ice maker’s control module, a mold thermostat monitors the temperature of a freezer’s ice tray. Often, a malfunction of the entire appliance occurs due to the breakdown of this specific system. After all, it helps a user to check temp, which is essential for the ice production cycle.

    Once a thermostat showcases an ideal temperature to make ice, a person needs to eject cubes from the tray first. Afterward, a user has to refill the tray with water to initiate the procedure naturally.      
    Regardless to mention, the level of ice checking is a vital responsibility to avoid the risk of damage. Most of the high-tech refrigerator has automatic ice-level control boards, which detects this parameter correctly. Notably, a freezer may consist of an infrared ray beam that helps to determine this level.
    As ice cubes reach the optimum point, an interruption occurs on the infrared light that turns off the ice maker. If a defect occurs in this control circuit, it’ll not transmit the switch-off signal.       
    A door switch of a fridge performs the two most essential tasks to carry out the appliance’s operations. When a person opens a freezer’s door, it shuts down the dispenser as well as the ice maker. On the other hand, the device turns on an interior light inside the refrigerator.
    If a door switch couldn’t execute operations accurately, it will not start the dispenser or ice maker again. As a result, it will break the chain of producing ice, which means you’ve to repair it as soon as possible.           
    The icemaker module is the frontmost part of a refrigerator that plays a suitable activity to produce ice. When thermostat closes, a motor inside the module governs the ejector arm to pull out ice cubes. Please take a note that it has a connection with the inlet valve and the heater. During the process of Kenmore ice maker repair, a service technician should locate problems inside this particular component.                       


kenmore refrigerator ice maker repair
Kenmore ice maker repair

Without hiring a costly repairing technician, a purchaser of Kenmore refrigerator may fix those particular issues. Of course, you have to go through the following methodologies when your Kenmore elite refrigerator ice maker is not working.    

  • A faulty inlet valve may cause significant problems by delivering insufficient water. Please verify whether your house’s supply of water has a pressure of 20 psi or not. Check this value by using a pressure gauge that is available in any hardware store available in your location.   
  • If your icemaker module does not work correctly, it will not eject ice cubes. In this case, you must gently dismantle the unit to execute repair operations for the restoration process. On the other hand, a buyer should search for a new affordable module in the market to continue the refrigerator’s service. It is a vital step during Kenmore elite ice maker troubleshooting.
  • When a fridge is not making ice anymore, you may verify whether a fault occurs at the door switch or not. Of course, a user should replace the defective switch by purchasing a new one from an online or offline store. Alternatively, an individual may use an Ohm meter to identify circuital damage inside the panel.                
  • Use the off/on button to effortlessly restart the whole refrigerator unit when you’re facing trouble. Kindly remove a refrigerator’s front plate before executing the procedure to avoid unnecessary accidents. Afterward, a user needs to detach a cable connection and wait until 5-6 minutes. Turn on the fridge again and include all cover plates to restart the machine.

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How do I reset my Kenmore ice maker?

Check for the on/off switch at the front portion of an ice maker device. After locating the reset button, you have to turn the machine off. Unplug the freezer to disconnect the electric supply and wait for at least five minutes. Then, plug it back & turn on the ice making appliance to get a desirable output. For more details, check the article above.

How do I fix my Kenmore ice maker?

Make sure your house’s water supply pressure meets a minimum criterion, which is 20 psi. With this ideal pressure, the inlet valve will obtain sufficient force to deliver enough water to fill the ice maker. If you want to understand it broadly, please go through the above article.

How do you turn on a Kenmore Elite ice maker?

According to the user manual, a lever comes with your fridge’s ice maker unit. If you move the lever in the upward direction, it’ll turn off the machine. moving in the opposite direction will turn it on. Kindly check the above article to acquire more details.


The above content is a tailor-made guideline to assist you while fixing your Kenmore ice maker’s specific components. Once you read the whole article, you’ll be ready to start the process confidently.     

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