Jabra Elite 65t left earbud not working

Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working [Solved]

Hi Readers, Welcome to our Easy-Simple Guide to Fix Jabra elite 65t left earbud not working problem.

Jabra is one of the best companies that make audio devices and accessories. Their products are trendy among the users because of its quality and reliability.

Now and then there comes a device that has some issues which seem to be strange at first but can be solved easily if you use the right trick. Jabra Elite 65t has a similar kind of problem. There have been many cases where the left earbud completely stops working for some users.

You will find several online forums filled with the questions like Jabra elite 65t left earbud no sound or Jabra elite left earbud not working, but there isn’t any definitive solution. But here we will tell you how this problem can be fixed.

We will also be talking about the Jabra elite 65t reset options.

Let’s start!

Jabra Elite 65t Troubleshooting

Jabra Elite 65t troubleshooting

You will find numerous solutions to this issue on many forums, but none of them works for sure. To save yourself some time, you should follow the procedure given here so that your left earbud starts working again.

          Follow the given steps to troubleshoot your 65t:

  1. It would help if you had the charging case of your elite 65t with you for this solution.
  2. As you will pull out the rubber cover, you will find two small magnets that are stuck together.
  3. Look around inside and then replace the magnets. There might be some adhesive in between the magnets, so be sure to do it properly.
  4. Once done, try charging your left earbud now. It will, for sure start working almost immediately.

There might be some issue because of the misplaced magnets; thereby, you must apply this method to sort the problem.

Note: This Troubleshooting method Worked for Jabra elite sport 65t, Jabra Elite Active 65t

How to reset Jabra Elite 65t?

Jabra Elite 65t reset

This is the step by step guide on how you can reset your Jabra Elite 65t. Follow the steps accordingly, and you are good to go:

  1. For starters, be sure that resetting the earbuds will erase it from all previously linked devices and will reset all settings.
  2. Tap and hold on the Multi-Function button on the right earbud for 10 seconds until the LED on the earbuds flashes purple.
  3. This will reset your earbuds. Now you have to pair it up again before you can start using it on any device.

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How to pair Jabra Sport Elite/Jabra Elite 65t/Jabra Elite Active 65t

how to pair jabra sport elite

Follow the instructions given below to pair your Jabra Elite 65t Earpods.

  • To pair earbuds that are removed from the box and not charged. First, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone (Make sure the earbuds are turned off)
  • Next step is to press and hold the multifunction button on the right earbud for 3 seconds until the light flashes blue and release button (You will be noticed with connection instructions in the earbuds)
  • Now you would need to press and hold the volume down button on the left earbud for 1 second to turn it on (Required only for the first time)
  • Last, Go to Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and select Jabra Elite 65t or Jabra Elite Active 65t or Jabra Sport Elite from the devices list.
  • If you are asked for a pin code, enter four zeroes.

Alternative Method To Pair Jabra Sport Elite/Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds

  1. Charge the earbuds with the charging case before connecting them to a smartphone
  2. After the earbuds are charged take them out. They will automatically enter into pairing mode.
  3. Now turn on Bluetooth on the Smartphone and select Jabra Sport Elite or Jabra Elite 65t from the list of devices

Now the Earbuds are paired. You can start to use it!

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Jabra Elite 65t Controls

The below image will give you a quick understanding of Jabra Elite 65t Controls.

jabra elite 65t controls
Image Credit: Jabra


How do I turn on my left earbud Jabra elite?

Press and hold the volume down button on the left earbud for two seconds.

How do I fix my Jabra Elite 65t left earbuds?

You can check for the misplaced magnets in the charging case. That will do the work.

Why is there no sound on one side of my earpiece?

It might either be facing some issue or not appropriately charged. Apply the method given above for best results.

Can I charge the case with earbuds in it. Is it safe?

Yes, you can charge the case with the earbuds in it. Jabra has included technology to prevent overcharging. It’s completely safe.


We hope that this solution was helpful for you and you got your earbuds fixed again!

Do share it with your friends if you liked this article. If you have any queries regarding the Jabra Elite 65t let me know in the comment section below.

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