How to remove TRBProtector.Gen virus

How to remove TR/BProtector.Gen virus

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TR/BProtector.Gen Virus detected on your system?

Don’t worry you can remove TR/BProtector.Gen easily by following the steps below.

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What is TR/BProtector.Gen?

TR/BProtector.Gen being not a definite instance of malware, may refer to some browser extension that helps you explore the web. In most cases, though, it just refers to an annoying app that adds extra commercial noise to your Internet navigation.

The detection method incorporates several approaches to identify potential threats. According to IT experts’ assessment, in terms of prevention, the technique is not completely efficient. 

That is, the rate of infections completing their invasion to target PC to that arrested in the course of their infiltration is clearly in favor of the former.

The rogue survival time after installation on the affected PC is typically long enough to enable it to create hidden copies, where its invasion workflow so provides. That entails the infection often repeats in a sort of infinity loop as, once you remove TR/BProtector.Gen currently running copy, its hidden dormant instance may launch a restoring routine.

It is to be admitted the malware class implies the severity of the threat is relatively low. Even if we assume the infection is free to execute its payload unreasonably long, it is quite unlikely the relevant rogue is to survive a dully completed cleanup.

Another issue users may face and remain unsatisfied with the treatment as performed by their current security solution is the entries created as parts of browser configuration that are not subject to elimination in the course of relevant malware cleanup. These are, but results of, malware activities and cannot be restored unless the malware is present as a part of your computer memory.

Last but not least, as the trojan often comes on a background of so-called target installation, that is, a content that users load as they find its features helpful such as, e.g., codec for viewing movies online, etc., it may be but one of the multiple hidden pieces of adware/malware loaded along with the target. Hence the removal of TR/BProtector.Gen may not make a good step for your computer memory cleanup.

Use a free-scan removal tool to get rid of TR/BProtector.Gen malware.

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TR/BProtector.Gen details:

Type: Malware, Trojan horse

Detection date: 11.12.2020


Malicious behavior:

  • TR/BProtector.Gen may be brutal to remove manually;
  • It May download and install additional malware;
  • TR/BProtector.Gen may slow your PC;
  • TR/BProtector.Gen may cause system errors and slowdowns, popup ads.

How to remove TR/BProtector.Gen virus?

You can choose how to eliminate TR/BProtector.Gen infection. Use the manual removal guide or delete it automatically:

1. Manual removal process

Remove TRBProtector.Gen virus Manually

It is understood that removing TR/BProtector.Gen, manually you deal with only one infection. To get rid of other infections manually, you need to find and use other relevant guides. Furthermore, how will you know if there are other threats to exterminate?

To remove TR/BProtector.Gen infection – delete its files and disable processes (in Task Manager):


After that, remove TR/BProtector.Gen registry entries:

SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services ‘random.exe’

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2. Automatic TR/BProtector.Gen removal

Antimalware program is a right choice enabling users to clean the computer system of all its infections at once or find out which threats to eliminate. It might happen that TR/BProtector.Gen malware blocks downloading or installation of antivirus capable of its deleting. If that is the case, don’t give up! Try the following tips to escape the malware aggression:

– rename executable of the downloaded antimalware to “explorer.exe” and run it;

– try to install remover from Safe Mode (press F8 when Windows starts);

– try to download TR/BProtector.Gen removal tool from uninfected PC and transfer it to infected, using pen-drive.

Our tests have proved that Malwarebytes removes TR/BProtector.Gen virus

If you need further help in using the manual directions or downloading the removal tool, please leave your query as a comment below.

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