How To Fix Javascript Errors in Browsers [Updated Guide]

Facing Javascript errors in your browser? Don’t know what to do? No Problem! Here I am going to show you how to fix Javascript errors with some simple steps.

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What is Javascript Error?

Javascript Error In Browsers

JavaScript errors occur when accessing the Internet through a browser or by opening a file that requires client-side Scripting. They can be annoying in the sense that they hinder your experience on the web and, in some cases, prevent access to a file altogether. So what can we do to get rid of the large majority of JavaScript errors? Well, first, we have to appreciate just how diverse the reasons for these errors are.

Some JavaScript errors are unavoidable and will appear to every user who tries to load that particular script. This is due to incorrect code that the developer or programmer failed to test effectively. You can refresh the page as many times as you want, yell at your monitor too, but the error will remain as long as the code is unchanged. We can either wait for the programmer to change it or find an alternate source.

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Equally, the error may be down to our Internet browsing settings. JavaScript requires Scripting to be enabled for it to display its items correctly. Most websites compensate for users without JavaScript as it is part of the w3 commissioned accessibility guidelines. But there are always exceptions, and you should be aware that disabling Scripting can – and often will – have a downgrading effect on your browser’s performance.

How To Fix Javascript Errors [Method 1]

To change your settings back to the optimum, you should go to your Internet Options. This will be accessible from the browser in different ways depending on what browser you use. For Internet Explorer, it will be under Tools, for example. Firefox, Safari, and Opera all behave differently.

Go to your general Internet settings and scroll down to see three boxes under the heading of Scripting. These should all be enabled for JavaScript to come in to effect on your system. If they’re not allowed, check the boxes and then start your browser. You should now be able to run JavaScript effectively.

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Alternative Method to Fix Javascript Errors

Alternatively, you may find that all of your scripting capabilities are turned on and that you are still experiencing an abnormal number of JavaScript errors. If this is the case, you should download and install a spyware removal utility kit. There are many of these available on the Internet, and some of them are free. By removing the spyware from your system, you can get rid of any malicious third-party applets that may be latched on to your browser.

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Our Tip

It’s also a perfect practice to use anti-virus software at all times when accessing the Internet. Viruses will wreak havoc with JavaScript and will even plant their native script to take you to other harmful websites or affiliate landing pages. If you see errors when you load standard web pages where you wouldn’t normally expect them (say Google!), that’s a good indication that your system is infected with some adware or virus.


Finally, if none of these steps work, you may wish to upgrade your browser or re-install it from scratch. With Internet Explorer, this can be particularly tricky. But it’s easy to upgrade with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and these browsers are generally considered to be more reliable than IE itself.

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