How To Become a Successful Blogger

How to Become a Successful Blogger: The Pro Guide

How to become a successful blogger 

Becoming a success Blogger could pave the way for new opportunities, but not always gold that glitters. 

Before getting started read the Pros and Cons of Becoming a Blogger:

Become a Blogger: The Pros and Cons

blogging: pros and cons


  1. Getting started is easy: You don’t have to be a genius to start a blog on the Internet; you need to know to turn on a computer and read a lot on the Internet.
  2. Nurture your passions: You can start a blog for passion, you’re in love with music? Open a blog that speaks only of what he says to others, only things you know; cultivate your passions with a Blog!
  3. Helps visitors: Not necessarily the word satisfaction is the gain, there are people like us who help others to emerge, and it is a real satisfaction to know that they are learning through you.
  4. Cheap: Do not start with a second-level domain (e.g., Buy a Hosting plan right away, with about $120 a year; you’ll have all your domain and webspace with no restrictions; if in the future, as I hope you will be able to grow, easily upgrade the plan at any time by paying the cost. The difference between the plans less the cost of the unexpended months already.
  5. You earn: If you can do an excellent job in the future, you will have the opportunity to start earning through affiliations and advertising

Learn how to make money with a blog.

Pros Summary

  • If you decide to work as Blogger, you have chosen the best job in the world.
  • You can work wherever you want.
  • You need to have a device and an internet connection.

The 6 Blogging Tips That Tripled my Blog Growth in 14 Days


  1. Being stable is difficult: Getting started is very simple because there is the discovery’s enthusiasm, but after a while tends to wane, and usually, people leave work.
  2. It requires time and patience:  Most people who do not see results immediately lose their enthusiasm initially, and you tend to give up everything. Do not do this; if you do, it will mean that you’ve never been interested in opening a blog, and especially you never really believed. To do this “work,” must be determined and patient; just so slowly, the rewards will come.
  3. Quality, not just quantity: Do not rush to publish the articles; if you do not publish an article a day, you know that nothing happens? Indeed, if you post a quality article every week, your site will be able to grow more than when listing an item (to write something) a day.
  4. It requires care and attention: A blog is like a newborn. It must be continuously monitored and cared for. Your site must be up to date, You will need to publish more articles not to lose ranking; you will always need to remember to make backups to avoid the risk of losing everything, and so on.
  5. Not necessarily be able to gain: Remember to start earning something, you must be patient, nobody gives you anything, and above all, you must have many visitors to the day to increase your chances of earning.

Become a Blogger means taking a walk away from everyday life and trying to emerge differently from all picking up their lives.

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Factors that depend on a Blog’s Success

  • Website Care
  • Quality of the content posted
  • Constant sharing of content on Social Network
  • Authenticity

Learn How to create a successful blog:

Set your goals

set goals to become a successful blogger

Before you kick-start a blog, you need a strategy to be able to achieve success.

First, you have to be sure of the topics discussed in your blog; the staff recommends that you deal with it few but good.

For example, if you have to talk about sports. It would be better that you specialize in the only sports topic that interests you; like many others, this field is vast, and you risk writing a little of everything but not be able to keep up with all the sports. Therefore you write poorly, and your blog will never grow.

Why do you need to start a blog?

why start a blog?
  • For Passion, When you are not forced to do something for passion, you do it with desire and lust.
  • Business (company), you own a company, and you want to increase your income and get potential customers through the world of the Web, a bottomless well of resources.
  • To get a job, you show what you’re made ​​of, and if you’re good at your job, you will be contacted by companies in your same field or by people who want to become your collaborators.
  • To gain, if your blog starts to run well, why not try to win? We’ll talk about it later.
  • To develop digital skills, rest assured that even if you are not an expert initially, you will become slow and remember that we must roll up our sleeves and start to get busy in times of difficulty.

Remember that people are hungry for results and satisfaction

If you start to write articles that motivate you to do something, help many people. Your article will be a guaranteed success.

The Blogger can not treat people like numbers, can not write only to post something. A real Blogger should make it into the heads and hearts of readers, has to tell it like it is and not as it should be, 

You have to speak clearly and explicitly and must be able to entice the users to do something.

The reader does not need to be told that “WordPress is installed in this way” or that “the best WordPress plugins are ..” this kind of blogs- you can find them everywhere. Readers need to hear someone who entices them to do something/help them do something, that persuades him that he can do it, that many people are successful, then why they should not do that?

The one who will be able to motivate the reader and encourage him to do something can be considered in all respects a successful Blogger.

Before we started to learn WordPress, we documented, studied, and read a lot, and we learned a lot of knowledge from the web world.

Choose WordPress to Become a Successful Blogger

Choose WordPress to Become a Successful Blogger

Why WordPress?

  • A Web-based application can be installed on a server and can be used from any device and operating system.
  • It is a Content Management System (CMS), which means that you can create your website through the platform without knowing the code.
  • WordPress is the best CMS globally; it is estimated that about 70% of websites use WordPress.
  • It’s an open-source platform, which means that you can implement or modify the platform if you have in-depth knowledge of programming.
  • WordPress is written in PHP, one of the most popular languages ​​globally, and Database relies on MySQL.

Why use WordPress?

  • WordPress is an excellent platform that allows you to create your website or blog easily.
  • It requires no additional software or otherwise no library to run.
  • In the official directory of WordPress, you can find thousands of themes and plugins to download.
  • Given the extensive collection of plugins, you can completely change your website without any hassle.

Write Quality Articles

write quality articles

To become a successful blogger, you will need to be able to write quality articles.

To do this, Do not be in a hurry to publish the articles; remember that it is better to write a few articles a month but in quality compared to post something in your blog a day.

Just focus on yourself; do not panic if you see your “competitors.” Write articles every day; it does not mean that they are better than if you go faster.

To become a successful blogger, you must create a blog plan that allows you to do things with the right serenity and with the best possible spirit.

Want to create a quality article? Please do not rush to publish; you will need to understand what topics to treat first, then you have to find the sources, after which you can start writing the article and read it many times before publishing it.

Take a cue is to grasp an idea and then write the article in your own words; take a cue does not mean to copy, and remember that you don’t have to copy content from another blog. Because in addition to being penalized by Google and other search engines, you will lose credibility in the eyes of visitors, and in doing so, you’ll never become a successful blogger.

After deciding the topic, you will need to consider developing the article by dividing it into various points and creating a schedule that will allow you to write a quality article clear and well done.

Article Writing

Have you ever wrote an essay at school? 

The professors what they used to say?

 “In the draft, write everything that comes to mind, after which creates a ladder and start writing your essay easily.”

Here, you should do just that! 

Do not rush to write the article, and no one runs after you. Remember, to create a quality article; you have to put effort and passion.

When you are done typing, save the item and look more, you can read it immediately after creating it for the simple reason you could find and fix errors.

Revision and publication of the article

You must read the article and correct any errors.

When you are happy with the content, you will need to format it, adding images, assigning categories, and Tag and doing SEO.

After doing all this, you are ready to publish your article; 

We are confident that if you follow the advice given.

You will be able to create quality articles of success.

Start making money with a blog.

When a person enters the world of the Web should start this as a hobby. 

Remember that if you create a website just because you think you will become wealthy, you already lost.

I say this not to discourage you, but because we’ve been through, and from our experience, we can tell you that if you create a blog by inserting the articles to publish something for the sole purpose of earning, this will happen:

  • You will not gain anything.
  • Your blog will not succeed.

Remember that you need to write for your readers and not to sell!

But it is also true that if your blog starts to gain traffic, you begin to think of a method that allows you to start earning money online.

This is why we are here! Discover how to make money with a blog.

Add Your Blog To Search Engines.

list your blog on search engines

Do not just create a good-looking website and create quality articles to make the famous website. We must be able to index the website in the search engines in the best way. 

Grow your blog on Social Network

social media marketing for blog's success

Social networks have become stable and mature, made up of people and not numbers; this means that to achieve success with these powerful tools, you will need to engage and consider every single person.

You have to build solid credibility, and you’ll be good at recognizing the needs of your followers to grow steadily.

With the introduction of social networks, there was a real revolution, now all of them can tell the world what they think and have the chance to get noticed and if you’re good at your job, it will open up new roads for you.

So we can say that on the Internet, you have the chance to show the world what you did. People are social beings by nature and can not be alone; they need to have someone to make a group, discuss, and share emotions.

Consequently, our instinct guides us to connect with people who think like us; here, on Social Network, it happens the same, and for this reason, you will be able to create your group of followers who have your interests and the will lead you to path to become a successful blogger.

Create a Landing Page

Landing page creation

You have your pages indexed in the search engines, and you created Social Network pages but not yet satisfied with the outcome?

Want to know a method that allows you to attract visitors and turn them into potential customers?

Yes, Landing Page!

Many users created a Landing Page and increased their earnings by 200%?

Create a Landing page with the help of page builders [Elementor, Oxgen] or many themes now comes with a landing page demo. You can use that and add your content to it.

Now notice the change. 

Become a Guest Blogger

But what is the role of Guest Blogging? In brief, it is to provide original content that belongs to an author to a Popular Blog in exchange for greater visibility.


If you have read this article carefully, you have taken the right path to becoming a successful Blogger; if you believe that we missed some essential point or still need clarification, leave a comment below.

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