Best Blogging Tips That work even now

The 6 Blogging Tips That Tripled my Blog Growth in 14 Days

Most of us, when we begin our first personalized website, whether it’s for blogging or perhaps a hobby, we look for tips to enhance our website!

I’m sure what I am going to share with you will help you to establish yourself.

Yes, it’s a fact that anyone can upload or open a personal website or blog online ready to show to the online world their wares, or is it?

I suppose it’s like most things in life. It starts well, but the fun becomes tedium, true?

Starting a blog is easy but maintaining your blog long term is a bit more complicated, especially if you’re looking at a very successful personalized blog.

There are free blogging platforms that are easy to use, so you can start there if you like, but you must remember they have limitations.

Even if you have technophobia, you can use these blogging platforms;

As I said, you are limited to what you can do, so things such as originality are a challenge, and your enthusiasm, creativity, and patience are tried because, hey, this is your spare time you are using up.

So choose the blogging platform that you believe will suit you the best.

All of us who want to start a blogging website are initially full of passion for our blogging, but as time goes by, we neglect our blogs, and unfortunately, they die a slow death.

Some bloggers post weekly or even daily, usually because they have a large number of readers.

I picked up on what their secret was not long after I began blogging about how and why they maintained successful blogs for so many years; find out next!

Tip 1: Choosing the Niche/Topic

Niche Selection

When I decided to start my website for blogging, I choose a subject that I was passionate about, and that was “health” or more so ill health, which also included my most disliked word with regards to health, “DIET,” and without realizing it before long, I was getting hundreds of comments about my writings.

So that’s the first secret, choose a subject your passionate about and know well, you will find the words will flow easily.

Forget writing articles on subjects you know little about or that you think will interest others; far too many try and fall; by the way, don’t become a statistic.

The people reading your articles/posts will feel the emotion in your writing and come back for more; believe me, I know.

Remember some times you need to do some research online, and I know it will jog your memory and help you create successful articles.

So This is the first one in my Blogging tips
Never choose a subject just because other people like it, stay clear!
Write only about what you know and love it’s that simple.

Tip 2: Style of Content

Style of the Content

I find when I’m writing that I share what I know, this personalizes my writing, plus I sometimes add a little anecdote here or there for some fun and a little insight into what I’m about to do.

I read other people’s articles to get ideas, but I rewrite them entirely in my style and include my thoughts on that subject.

Personalization of every article you write is of the utmost importance, and you will build a personal online reputation.

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Tip 3: Creativity in Blogging

creativity tip for blogging

Once again, I strive to be creative as I believe it is essential to maintain a successful blogging website and retain readers.

I avoid repetition! I’m always looking for fresh ideas, which I do usually based on my personal experiences.

Your readers will soon pick up on repetitive articles, and you will lose them.

One of the things I do is elaborate on a particular area that I have spoken briefly about in the blog. In this way, I have been able to attract loyal readers who comment regularly, and of course, I enjoy their comments, and it keeps me motivated to continue writing!

Tip 4: Retaining the Readers

Retain Readers :Blogging Tip

Yeah this is the forth one in my blogging tips.

I write every article considering my readers and what will interest them, and I choose my headings carefully.

they suppose it’s like a newspaper or how they used to be anyway, people skim through, and then if something catches their eye, they continue reading that article.

I can’t stipulate too much how important it is to post regularly; if you don’t have anything at the time, but a short post up saying you will be updating with new info at such and such a time.

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Tip 5: Interaction with the users

Blogging Tip: User Interactions

I don’t do this personally, well not yet anyway, but you should socialize with your readers, encourage them to make comments; you could even try adding polls and asking questions because most people have something to say; that’s human nature, so they will gladly add personal comments.

To improve your blogging skills, you should spend some time reading posts on other people’s blogs. What I do quite often is I check out the blog of someone who has left a comment, and I have to admit I’ve seen some great blogs with useful information and well set out, very appealing to the eye.

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Final Tip On Blogging: Never Quit

best blogging tip

I will say this one is the most important in my blogging tips

One final thing to remember, you are dealing with the Internet where you have no control over other people’s actions. So be wary of being dealt some harsh treatment from time to time, but be sure to put it behind you and move on, delete them straight away and block them, which you can do, but that’s another story.

Ladies/Girls, yes, more than often, you do take things to heart, so you do need to be thick-skinned and accept that yes, there are nasty people out there, but as long as they don’t intrude on your privacy and safety, forget them, otherwise contact the authorities straight away, don’t hesitate, with today’s technology they can be traced.

Enjoy The Moment
I want to finish on a positive note and say that since I started in October 2009, I have had untold enjoyment from sharing online and some fantastic comments made about my writings, which continually fire up my passion for keeping on writing.

Remember, your blog’s heart and soul are what people will read that will bring them back time after time.

Over the last eight months or so, Google has been making profound changes to how websites/blogs are rated. Guess what the number one criterion appears to be?


You guessed that quality content, where other people’s blogs have crashed, has been fine; quality before quantity rules.

The above tips are a few of many about blogging, but they are useful, so reread them and then incorporate them into your blogging style.

This Is Stephen D Ryan Signing Off For Now.

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